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Bruce W. Barren, the Chairman of The EMCO/Hanover Group.

The EMCO/Hanover Group is considered one of America's leading senior experts in capital in the corporate middle market, specializing in: corporate involvements, including capital sourcing; the design and validation of executive compensation; business valuations – including fairness and 15(c)211 opinions; acting as an expert witness in Court in some 50 cases which have involved some two dozen industries plus family law and bankruptcy – as qualified and accepted by U.S. District and State Courts plus the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Tax Court; mergers and acquisitions; plus advisement in all areas of executive management and the Board of Directors, including fiduciary responsibilities.

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Company Profile

The EMCO/Hanover Group specializes in matters attendant to the senior management decision-making process as well as those relating to executive compensation, litigation support, business valuations, merger/acquisition, corporate involvements, including capital sourcing, and value enhancement. The EMCO/Hanover Group's principals have been extremely active in numerous industries, in a variety of capacities, both as on-line executives and senior consultants. Noted below, and inclusive of prior experiences, is a cross-section of such achievements and clients. See also List of Client Assignments under "Experts in Capital".

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